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Our site provides Libraries and Schools with the latest technology products such as Holds Label printing, 3D Printers , Inter Active Screens and much more..

Cleaning Pens/Swabs

K2-SKB20EV Key Cleaning Swab (3in/76mm)

Key Cleaning Swab (3in/76mm)
Key Cleaning Swab
Key Cleaning Swab (3in/76mm)
Key Cleaning Swab

K2-SKB20EV Key Cleaning Swab (3in/76mm)

17.95 19.95

This product, with its compact foam tip, is designed to clean the tops and between keys of multiple sizes and shapes. When used they will: Clean debris from the keys surface, between the keys and around the keys

Alcohol Free

· KICTeam PN: K2-SKB20EV

· Quantity: 20 per Box

Use On

o    Bump bars

o    Keyboards

o    Keypads





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