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Our site provides Libraries and Schools with the latest technology products such as Holds Label printing, 3D Printers , Inter Active Screens and much more..

Cleaning Cards

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Currency Counter Cleaning Card
Cleaning a Currency Counter
Currency Counter Cleaning Card
Cleaning a Currency Counter

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

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This cleaning card is designed to clean Currency Counter form a wide range of manufacturers. The patented Waffletechnology design cleans note recognition lenses and the surfaces around the belts and rollers, removing more debris than other types of cleaning products. The card will clean rollers and feed paths, if held briefly in place prior to releasing into the equipment the card will burnish rollers. Maintaining these critical components on a regular basis will prolong the life of the unit.

KICTeam PN: KW3-CC3625B15WS
Quantity: 15 per Box
Use On

All Currency Counters

Endorsements: Magner



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